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About us

Notre histoire

Our committee was founded with the goal of studying the relationship between the Arab and Hispanic worlds and making recommendations for improvement. We are deeply convinced that the incredible potential of this partnership could be further exploited, and that our reports could help to highlight the advantages of economic, diplomatic and cultural cooperation. As our work progressed, we recognized that our methodology could be applied on a broader scale.

In an increasingly multipolar world, nations must diversify their partnerships further. We, as students, believe it is essential to explore ways to promote more equitable and diversified international relations based on multilateralism and win-win agreements. Inspired by the spirit of Convivencia from Al-Andalus, our goal is to harness the collective intelligence of students worldwide in order to advocate for new multipolar partnerships that can foster diversified economies, global peace agendas, and intercultural dialogue.


Human and Cultural Links

Fostering understanding and appreciation of the shared heritage, values, and traditions.


Economics and Trade

Exploring avenues for mutually beneficial economic partnerships and trade agreements.

Diplomacy and Multilateralism


Facilitating dialogue, collaboration, and conflict resolution through diplomatic channels and multilateral forums.

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